Monday, 6 December 2010

vintage weekend......

of sorts! As you may remember in my last instalment I was off fabric shopping for 2 specific dress patterns, well not strictly vintage for the one as I've come back with red and leopard print satin, however I shall also be making a variation in ivory and cornflower/lavender.  For the other I've picked up a lovely little almost flower print but as I shall be assisting my good friend Zoe with making her 50s retro dress too that's going to take a back seat.  However I am still on the hunt for beautiful fabrics as I've acquired this fabulous retro 40s coat pattern

  and after much debate in the fabric store have decided to go with velvet. Unsure on the colour as yet but am toying with either wine, bottle green or royal blue.

Moving along, Saturday turned out to be rather a fab day, I ventured in the rain to the 'Xmas Market' in town (which is usually chock full of naff items) and picked up a gorgeous little Stratton compact with all the original insides (not the powder!) and a lovely head-dress that I am now planning to use in one of my costumes, both for the grand price of £20 - I was rather pleased with that!

Onwards from there I visited one of my favourite charity stores and have now got my eye on a ivory melamine/glass/wooden cabinet to put my nick knacks in.  After a lovely lunch with the Mr I decided maybe it was time to stop spending on house/bits and invest a little in myself.  Recently I'd given up biting my nails which was difficult as I've done it since I was little, but my mindset was if I were to spend money on getting my nails manicured properly then I'd be less tempted to put them near my mouth, so I tootled off to one of those 'USA Nails' type places (my sister swears by getting her nails done by Thai ladies).  I did feel sorry for them as I haven't exactly got talons but the lad who did my nails was fantastic - although he did panic a little when he over trimmed my thumb cuticle, he looked terrified it was going to bleed and popped some antiseptic on them.  At the end I was so pleased I've promised myself I'll get them done once a month (£10, last of my birthday monies but so worth it) and I spent most of last night admiring my shiny nails lol.

Phew! I think that's quite enough about my weekend! Although I have a few more pics to share with you of my random charity shop finds - but I'll do that in the week when I've also got a bit of exciting news :)



Miss Matilda said...

Happy Birthday!

I really love your coat, if you'd like to make me one I'd pay upfront xx

Miss Amber Sweet said...

Thanks Miss Matilda, its always nice to get early birthday money :) As for the coat, let me see how this one comes out and I'll message you xx