Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snow stops play.....

well kind of! We're snowed up in the lovely hillside retreat I call my home lol - this is a testing time for us too, having recently lost usage of the cooker we've resorted to the steamer and health grill, steamed eggs were a novelty this morning! As per usual there's not a loaf of bread to be found anywhere but the milkman still got to our house in the snow for his payment so I know deliveries are okay. Today's lunch was also a blast from my childhood, Philadelphia cheese on crackerbread, I'd forgotten all about those little gems and they will be on my shopping list from now on.

Anyway, not to let snow stop play, I've decided I'm going to attempt one of the styles from the 'Style Me Vintage' book I mentioned in my last blog.  I'd been out and gotten all manners of equipment so lets give it a whirl! Results to be posted either later or tomorrow

ta ta!


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