Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas?

I do hope yours has been.  After failing to convince my bestest friend Bob to shun work on boxing day and spend the holidays with us its been a fairly quiet and non christmassy event even with the children here.  So, in this household we shall be having Christmas II on the 28th December.

I've been blessed with a few gifts again this year, one of my favourites has to be Monopoly for the Xbox 360 from the mister.  I think the worst has to be the 'knit your own bear' kit (sorry Mum!) as, although I can knit, I find it mind numbingly tedious!

Anyways never mind that, ti's the season to get crafty so last night I started the first batch of..........

tah dah!!!! Cranberry vodka! Having spotted some deliciously coloured cranberries at the market it just had to be done and it will be divine.  I'll even share the recipe with you at the end.

Talking of crafty, I've recently become re-acquainted with Martha Stewart so I have vowed that next year will be a totally hand made Christmas (OK, except for a few of the boys things, well you can't expect miracles from teens/preteens).

ooh I've also recently been given the gift of cooking technology - lol OK you got me, I had my cooker installed with huge thanks to my roller derby wife Zoe and her talented hubby CJ, theirs has been one of the best gifts this year - the gift of friendship.  Its also re-ignited my love of cookery! I've promised the boys they can help me in the kitchen more and I went as far as getting them cookery gifts this year.  Anyway with all these plans I'm on the look out for a food processor/mixer - its got to be under £40 as I'm on a tight budget but the sales so far are letting me down! Btw if anyone knows of a good one please feel free to comment.

Well I feel that's quite enough from me for today, I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening and have a merry Christmas one and all


ps I know I promised pics of that hair set - next blog ok ;)

Cranberry Vodka


250g fresh or frozen cranberries
1ltr Vodka
175g Caster Sugar

Prick each cranberry a couple of times with a fork and layer up in a large sterilized kilner jar with the sugar.  Pour over the vodka and leave for 2 weeks, shaking the jar each day.
Strain and decant into decorative bottles and label.

Enjoy xxx


ani said...

okay, so a tad more than £40, but I got a kenwood kmix a a wedding pressie and it's the best thing ever!
a mixing bowl, whizzing thing, whisk, it's all well contained as a complete kit type thing. Best thing I could find for the money!

ani x

Miss Amber Sweet said...

Thanks for that Ani I'll go check it out :) Merry Christmas x