Monday, 13 December 2010

a bit of a catch up!

Well it's been longer than I expected since my last entry but that was simply down to having no time and a wonderful cough/throat infection, but I'm here now.  I could start a little rant about couriers and dismal service but I wont, there's enough whining in the world and we all know it happens this time of year anyway!

Instead I shall bring you up to date with recent occurrences - starting with that coat patter I blogged last week.  I am finally going to get around to making it this week with a few of my own little tweaks (IE omitting the pockets, that's what I have a bag for!) and after much too and fro-ing decided to make it in a less expensive fabric at first just in case.  After much searching I found a lovely bottle green suedette, after matching the threads and lining I was a happy bunny, in total my first 'coat' is going to cost me around £12! Keep your fingers crossed for me not having too many problems.

From there to the home, remember I finally went into the air ambulance shop and bought *that* cabinet, well its arriving tomorrow so I decided last Friday to declutter and organise the room ready for it.  It was supposed to include painting but tbh I really haven't been up to it.  On a good day I can start and finish painting a room in a day and get things put back, I just need to have a good day! It gave me a chance to ponder on my paint colour choice though and I'm now thinking that duck egg blue may be a little wishy washy for the room so am debating a nice 'Hawaiian Blue' instead, we shall see.  All I know is I really need to get my cooker sorted so I can get my new one taken out of my living room!

Now to myself.  I am still a little annoyed at myself for cutting all my hair off but as I said at the time, it will grow back, its just hair! It just gives me an excuse to play with it a little more.  Usually I will set my hair using foam rollers and sleep in them for the night but I've been finding this uncomfortable of late so I am hoping these will be a saving grace

usually I don't get on with curlers and my hair is a little too short for hot sticks at the moment - I shall let you know how I get on.  This is all a part of me recovering my confidence, its surprising how nasty you can be to yourself when left to your own devices and I managed to convince myself I am just not good enough.  Scrap that! 2011 marks my burlesque rebirth and it will be much better than 2010, I guarantee it!

Oh, a small make up note - I ran out of my usual gel eyeliner so after reading a recommendation I picked up Rimmel's Exaggerate liquid eyeliner, it was said to go on really well and stay on.  What a mistake! Its awful, it goes on patchy and requires 2 or more attempts to get a good colour/coverage and the slightest bit of humidity and it bled! I'll be heading to the MAC counter as soon as I can (or as soon as finances allow!)

As a final note I'd like to draw your attention to a little competition the lovely Able Grable designer Miss Matilda is running.  I was approached by her to create some exclusive rose hair flowers and you have the opportunity to win one of them, just go to her blog Able Grable, while your there you might want to take a few moments to visit the website, her dresses are beautiful!

Til next time


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Gem said...

Lancome Art Liner is great x