Friday, 3 December 2010

Baby its cold outside!

Good Morning!

As we continue our snowy run up to Christmas I've come to realise how much I loathe how we become obsessed with spending to make our family 'happy'.  I personally don't like having Christmas rammed down my throat before we've even had Halloween and the idea of showing people how much you love them by how much you spend on them makes me gag.  I started a tradition in my own house that each person would get one 'big' present, something they really want and will make use of and a few smaller bits and pieces to go with. By doing this I am hoping to make my children less materialistic and it seems to be working - we even advocate handmade gifts as they are often that bit more appreciated and more likely to still be around 3 months after the event. Whatever happened to families just getting together and appreciating what they've got and the company they're in?

Well, with that off my chest, I guess I've picked the wrong time of year to be redecorating! I had the great idea to finally get my living room finished (as soon as I can get the paint) however I didn't realise just how much stuff had accumulated in such a small space! Not to be deterred, I shall be embarking on this endeavour next week, well, after packing everything in to the cardboard boxes I've got hidden on top of the wardrobe. My pan is to get painted and re-organised so I can put the decorations up the week after (don't start me on people who've had them up since October!)  I've decided to get a smaller tree this year, possibly white, as I can't be doing with adjusting the decorations all the time due to my kitten climbing the thing.

On another note, I thought I'd share one of my bargains of the week with you - I am a sucker for shoes and when I saw these I knew they'd be coming home with me

then when I looked at the price tag I was extremely pleased, only £4.99?? Yes please! The black ones are a little pricier but I can see me going back for them, thank heaven for Marks & Spencers outlet stores!

Anyway, I can't sit here gossiping all day, I have fabric to buy for I am about to embark on the making of these 2 lovely dresses

wish me luck! 

Til next time


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