Thursday, 16 December 2010

Birthdays and all that jazz......

Well here we are, another year older - you wouldn't ask a lady her age though would you?  To be honest it was another unsurprising year, birthdays seem to pass like any other day now (not even my boys remembered til prompted!) however I shall count my blessings - I felt less ill than in recent days, I received monies for my birthday which I am pondering on putting toward an over lock sewing machine and I received 2 lovely gifts from the mister in the form of a book and some glassware.  You may find it odd that I should get excited over such things but people who know me better know I love to read/learn new things and as for the glassware, its gorgeous! The book in question was the 'Style Me Vintage' one by Belinda Hay.

I'd read mixed reviews on this one so was not sure what to expect but in all fairness I'm rather pleased.  Its very well set out and I love the fact it doesn't bombard you with lots of styles, you get some basic ones which are good for someone just starting out experimenting with the looks.  In all fairness I do agree that more pictures in the step by steps would have been helpful but I think that alot of people will be able to manage with just the descriptions.  Unfortunately this has now made me covet hood dryers!

So from here to the glassware, you'll understand why I'm pleased in a moment.  I'd recently been looking on internet bidding sites at Babycham glasses to go in my 'new' cupboard, however I refuse to get into bidding wars and some of the 'Buy It Now' prices were beyond my means.  Lets just say the boy done good! After talking about it to a friend of mine who works in the fabric shop I frequent she mentioned that she had a set of 6 glasses in mint condition just sat in a cardboard box in her house - well guess who owns them now! The mister was totally stumped as to what to get me so I mentioned them to him and I get to go pick them up this Friday.

The final thing that made my birthday complete was the arrival of my Able Grable dress.  It was one I had been lusting over last year called  Miss Betty Amanda however the design sold out before I was able to get one.  Imagine my delight to find one was being auctioned on eBay in my size a few days ago.  Promptly I put my bid in with what I knew I had left in my account and I won! When the postman bought it to the house yesterday I managed to restrain from squealing but I ripped it open like a child with a gift and am please to say it fits beautifully.  Remember, Able Grable is still running the giveaway to win one of the exclusive hair flowers I made for them, pop over to her blog for more details and your chance to win!

Moving on, I thought I'd share with you some of the 'finds' I'd managed to pick up in the last few weeks courtesy of the Air Ambulance shop.

First up, I got this fabulous bracelet - unsure of what its made from exactly but its mother of pearl style and cost me an enormous 75p!

Next up, remember me mentioning the tea set I bought?  6 cups, saucers and tea plates for £5, identical to one my nan has that she's kept safe.  I love the fact that its a set yet each cup set is a different colour, you can see they've been loved but are in great condition.

And lastly, the jumble of glassware I bought.  Decanter (£1.50), 4 little liqueur glasses (£1.50) and 2 Baileys glassed (25p).  So very pleased with it all, though I have my eye on some sherry glasses to go with now, and maybe a cocktail shaker? Who knows!! Talking of cocktails, if anyone would like to share their favourite one/recipe with me I'd love to hear them.

Well I think that's quite enough from me for such an early morning post, I'd better try and finish getting this room squared up so we can start getting festive! By the way, hope you like the new look



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