Thursday, 2 December 2010

Back! And going forth

Well it seems I've neglected this little gem, but now I'm back and will bring you up to speed.

This has been a funny old year, discovering that I have an under active thyroid has hardly been a highlight but explains a lot that has been going on with me personally.  Add to that the battle with ex family over fair visitation, having to bow out of burlesque for the majority of the year and discovering roller derby, I think that's just about everything covered!

Anyway lets not dwell on the past shall we - onwards and upwards as ever! I've recently relaunched both my store (Miss Sweets Boutique) and next week will see my return to the stage, to be honest I am both excited and nervous! I'm having to do some costume adjustments as I've got a bit more 'stage presence' than when I was performing previously and I decided to come back with my signature 'Sweet Seduction' routine which previously was performed in a white costume with blue highlights - pretty but not practical so its being revamped in royal blue.  In spite of all that I am really looking forward to seeing all the beautiful ladies at Heels & High Hems in Bristol next Friday - hopefully the snow and my cold will have both disappeared by then!

Well I think that's quite enough for now, I'm off for some lovely mulled wine tea


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