Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Ta Dah!!

Just a little update for this evening as I started 'The Christmas Dress' for Zoe yesterday and its all finished and gone off with its new owner today.  After a little cursing at the machine, 2 broken needles and much stabbing of fingers (and Zoe's own brand of help yesterday) this is what we created (OK so I more or less finished it last night ready for her today but its all good lol) we also decided to tweak it a little to allow for expanding waistlines so a row of poppers were added to the back and we 'corseted' the front so it could be loosened at will

She's a happy bunny, I'm a happy bunny and have just got to go and make 2 of my own!? (still disagreeing with the fact the pattern says I need to make it in a size 20/22 but hey ho!)  Am also still hunting down the 'perfect' velvet for that coat - it will be mine!!

As for the moment, I am off to drink a little cider - purely medicinal you understand, I have the most annoying cough/sore throat that needs a little aid

Til tomorrow!



Rhayfen said...

It is a thing of beauty and I thank you. For the record I was really good at 'helping' lol.

Miss Amber Sweet said...

Glad you like it lovely, I wanted to get it finished as a surprise but then realised I didn't write your waist measurement down so had to wait to fit it on you! And yes, gold star for 'helping' lol