Monday, 11 January 2010

By George He's Got It! and Sizeism Shmizeism

I'd like to start with an apology for not blogging during the snowed in period, with my boys home and cabin fever quickly settling in it was the last thing on my mind!  Besides we ended up getting snowed in before I could go for supplies and we ended up playing 1940s House - anyway I digress, we finally have some normality here and I'm back!

I decided to treat myself to Gok Wan's newest book, having been an avid follower of his I thought it only right to get upto date.  Anyway, as much as the male of the species may knock him, the boys done good! He's been preaching what all we lovely vintage/retro ladies have known for a long time - good foundation wear is essential! Its great that he's helping a new generation of ladies to realise this, and lets face it even the best of us need a helping hand once in a while right, and I guess the extra layer can only be good in all this snowy weather lol!

On another note, I've been on the end of a lot of snipey-ness recently because of my size (they have a problem, I dont, who needs to deal with it? lol) and I've noticed I'm finding it a little more difficult to convince photographers to work with me - hell some dont even message back which I find the hight of rudeness, manners cost nothing people! However there are some people out there determined to help break down these barriers and hopefully I'll be able to show you the results soon.  In the meantime I felt it apt to share this, the model/performer on this shoot is one of my idols, Dirti Martini, and she looks damn hot! Before you say it, yes I know its been airbrushed, but at least they havent distorted the heck out of her just to tick all their boxes! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do -  Dirti Martini Photo shoot

Well, I think I've waffled enough now.  Until next time


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